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Hey Everyone,
My daughter and I put 3 austrolorp eggs under our broody Silkie hen. We candled them and only one had veins. We left the others with her in case they were ok. Today is day 19 and I just went down and there is a cute little chick! Unfortunately, my daughter is away on an overnight and she is the one who has read up on what to do next! I have removed the water bowl to prevent drowning. I don't have a proper waterer right now (I will by tomorrow afternoon). What should I do now? I have chick food in with them. It is so dang cute. How long should I leave the other eggs in with the Silkie?


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Chicks have nutrients from the egg in with them, that is how you are able to ship them at day olds, they do not require food for at least 3 days and survive.
As long as the mother hen keeps it warm it should be fine.

Not sure with the other eggs, maybe just leave them in a few days longer..or candle ? and see if there is anything growing. I have never tried to hatch or candle so I know nothing on that.
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