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    Please help me. Today, Tues, I have just received some brown leghorn eggs to put under my broody hen and I'm waiting on some lavender araucana's to add to them. How long can I keep the eggs before they go under the hen (I hope the others will arrive on Thurs, so it would be Friday before they would go under her). Also how do I care for them before they are put under the hen? I have them in an egg carton pointy tip down. Should I be turning them? Sooo excited.
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    This article talks a whole lot about how to store eggs for incubation. It should help.

    Texas A&M Incubation site

    Don't get too paranoid about doing everything exactly like it says, just do the best you can. Many of us don't have the perfect temperatures or humidity to store them in and we still do really well. This article talks about the "ideal" conditions to store them in but "I deal" with the conditions I have.

    Basically, store them pointy side down, turn them regularly, kep them in the coolest place in your house and out of direct sunlight.

    Don't refrigerate them unless the coolest part of your house is up in the low 80's Fahrenheit. If you do refrigerate them, look for the warmest place in your fridge and maybe set the thermostat up a bit. Not warm enough to endanger your food but maybe just a tad warmer. Some people in really warm climates without AC do OK storing them in the fridge, but it's generally not recommended. That's an example of what I mean when I say do the best you can.

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