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I had a cochin pullet who went broody at like 24 weeks a while back- and she sat on the eggs for a solid 10 days until she was bullied off.

My question is, obviously I should have isolated her- but what about food and water? I kept putting food near her and offering her water at least once a day, which she seemed greatful for. But should I do that? I kinda thought about putting a broody in a bigger sized pet carrier with a little nest at the back and some food and water on the door?

I've never had a broody. lol. Our chickens when I was a kid were RIR's, and we ate them before they ever got broody.
I always put mine in a big pet carrier. Just make sure the nest she's in is something you can move into the pet carrier with her...otherwise they sometimes will get off when they're moved. If you can't move the one she's in slide a portable one under her and leave it for a day or two and then move the whole thing into the pet carrier. I put a small feeder with food and a small waterer at the front of the carrier. One sec and I'll go take a pic...
Ok, here's a pic with the door open:


And a close up of the new babies:

I think you are exactly right on with this idea. There is the risk she may not take the move and will break from being broody. That's why I think it is a good idea to let her set on fake eggs a couple of days before giving her the real eggs. This shot shows how I set mine up so I can isolate a broody without moving her. I'll still use fake eggs for a couple of days. I can access the middle portion from the back.


And I'll give a link that discusses isolating or not isolating a broody a bit. You or someone else might pick up something from it.

Isolate a Broody? Thread

Good Luck!

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