Caring for abandoned domestic ducks

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by pixelpusher, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. pixelpusher

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Some idiot dropped off 3 lovely ducks at the lake near my home. They did fairly well summer and fall of course, but now it is so cold and they seem relatively clueless about at least sleeping under tree/bush cover.
    Now I've been feeding them every other day using canned corn, bird seed mix. Just recently they started to fly which is great and encouraging, but I really want set up a semi-shelter for them aay from the open parking lot and floating dock they hang out on.
    Long story made short. Is what I am feeding good enough, do they need some sort of fat or other feed. How can I make a rough shelter look inviting (not talking couches and chandeliers!) , is hay laid out in a shelter sufficient?
    Thanks of any input
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    I am not expert by any means but for an emergency situation I would think they would want anything to block the wind such as a dog crate with a blanket over it or a tupperware container on it's side. If I'm correct ducks do extremely well in the cold but you do need to build them a pen to keep them out of traffic and the parking lot. You should go to a farm store and buy duck pellets for them. They will forge for food but still need that as a staple. Ducks can be a lot of fun to have around if you can keep them. Go to the coops page up the top to see what other people are keeping their birds in.
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    I would start looking for help to get them off the pond. A shelter there is good for protecting them from the elements. But unless it is predator-proof, they are still at extreme risk. Domestics do not have the tools to protect themselves in that situation.

    What you are providing is better than bread, much much better. Ideal would be something like Mazuri waterfowl food. It floats, it is in the shape of little - well, like the candy MnMs. Pricey, too, and cannot be found in some places.

    Can you describe them, get a photo even from a distance?

    You may be not far from a rescue group, there are some here and there.
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    May 16, 2013
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    The cemetery near my home keeps domestic ducks outside all year round...including in winter. They put up a large garden shed made of wood out by the edge of the pond every winter The shed is pretty big...big enough to hold at least five standing adults. They do have fresh hay in there and food. All the waterfowl use it in extreme temperatures.

    But if I could get those guys out of that situation fast. It's getting pretty cold.

    My boyfriend found a group of domesticated rabbits in the forest preserve. He rescued them and put an ad in the paper and all three were adopted.

    Perhaps put a listing on Craig's List???

    I hope this helps.

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