Carlsbad CA?


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Jun 4, 2009
So Cal
I heard today that although Carlsbad does not technically "allow" chickens in HOA neighborhoods- that if you belong to the 4H club- you are allowed to keep them. Anyone else hear this or have experience with this loophole? Thanks from an outlaw
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not sure but you from low cal if your from carlsbad

Keep the so cal up in LA.............LOL

Just playing with ya, married to a low cal san diegan. He hates that ....hahaha we lived in spring valley and he is from Rancho bernardo. How's the surf.....

P.s where did you get that chiken planter??
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haha sillystunt - lowCal- thats good. I don't remember where I got the chicken planter- it's actually a strawberry pot- but I've had it for years- I think I bought it in AZ when I lived there but can't remember- sorry.
Lucky You!!! I've been looking at property in San Marcos because it's allowed. You must have a large property- San Marcos is beautiful (very old california)
That's very cool- our immediate next door neighbors (the ones closest to the chickens) know about them and love them too- but we are in a neighborhood I'm afraid that might put up a stink and make me get rid of them. I have an alternate plan (a friend in Olivenhain will take them temporarily) if that happens -all the while looking for a new place tobuy. I'm in RealEstate so have access to the entire San Diego mulitiple listing service plus I absolutely LOVE looking at houses so no problem there
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Yeah, CA has some very restrictive laws in regards to chickens...especially roosters. And especially in Los Angeles. Someone told me LA proper allows for one rooster per family. But that can be pure hearsay...I dunno.

Oh, and since yall are Cali residents, does anyone know where I can purchase some chickens without having to buy 25 of them????
I just can't handle 25 eating/pooping/grass destroying machines trolling my backyard.
If you've got any info, just send me a message or whatnot.

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