Carolina Water Fowl Desperating Seeking Help Tonight Cleaning Birds!!!

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    ***I received this email from the waterfowl rescue tonight, i am too far away as I'm on the other side of the state... this place is near charolette for anyone that way! I do not have ANY additional information other then what I posted here, I can not give you anymore info if you contact me... please use the info in the bottom of this post if you have any other concerns.***


    We need assistance tonight for oiled bird washing. No experience
    needed. We need blow dryers and heat lamps. If you are a rehabber or
    medical professional and have some toxiban or BNP eye ointment we need
    that as well. Please just come over our phones are jammed up right

    We will start washing at 630 pm tonight at the following address

    3015 Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd,
    Waxhaw NC

    its on waxhaw Indian trail road near high gap street, 1 mile from the
    providence Rd intersection of Waxhaw
    (Waxhaw Indian Trail Rd turns into howie mine road)

    We will also desperately need donations to cover the cost of medicine
    and equipment to care for the oiled birds.

    Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
    PO Box 1484
    Indian Trail, North Carolina 28079

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