Carrot cake!!! Recipe for a dying man

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    My best friends hubby is dying from a rare cancer and one thing he keeps asking for is HOMEMADE carrot cake with raisins and walnuts. I know you people have one that can help!!! Thank you soooo much!!!
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    My mom has an excelent carrot cake recipe. If no one else has a good one I will get it from her and post it tomorrow for ya!
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    Quote:I am so sorry about your friends husband. My father died of cancer a few years back and it was a really hard time for the whole family.

    After someone looses a spouse people tend to stop inviting them to the "couples" activities that they used to get invited to. The remaining spouse starts to feel as if their friends have disowned them. It's important to keep inviting them even though they are no longer a couple. I think that was the one thing that hurt my mom the most after my dad was gone.

    I'm sorry we don't eat carrot cake so I don't have a recipe.
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    I have a fabulous carrot cake recipe, although it doesn't have raisins in it. I can't post it right now, but I will later today.
  6. Thank you TERRIELACY for posting my recipe....

    Get yourself a pastry bag with a star tip and go CRAZY decorating it....

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    this is a good recipe, i know because i have tried it. and it contains the raisins and nuts like he wants. moist and dense, it will cure a craving. my sister gave me one very similar but i cannot find it. this one is just as good. check it out:

    i hope he enjoys all the good food, tis one pleasure in life that cannot be substituted. my grandmother wanted lemonade, and to smell a certain blend of essential oils. she got that and had a smile on her face.
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    bigmike&nan :

    Thank you TERRIELACY for posting my recipe....

    Get yourself a pastry bag with a star tip and go CRAZY decorating it....

    I will make this cake ...again...for my dh. He just got out of the hospital ...again...LOL...and this is his all time fav. I looked for one after he kept helping himself to pieces at Golden Corral when we went there. I never in my life had one nor eaten any. I decided a month or so ago to find a recipe and make him one from scratch! I found this recipe that Miss Prissy posted and she is my "go to person" when it comes to recipes. [​IMG]
    He now brags to everyone on this cake. I tells everyone that German Chocolate used to be his fav until I made this one. I even broke down and tried it and must say I am in love with it now. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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