Carving a pumpkin tonight...can they eat any of it?


10 Years
Apr 25, 2009
Was just wondering if they can eat the seeds, skin, all of it. I would put it in a bowl and put in fridge for tonight since they'll be sleeping by the time we do it and give it to them tommorow. Will they eat any of it? Thanks
My birds love pumpkin and squash seeds. We eat so much winter squash including pumpkin that there's no way we could consume all of the seeds ourselves, so they make great chicken treats, especially in the snowy months when the birds don't have access to any fresh greens.
This month's Backyard Poultry magazine has an article in it about feeding pumpkins (with seeds) to chickens as a natural wormer. They suggest you top it with chopped dandelion greens and chopped garlic, too.
Yes, they will LOVE pumpkin!

Last fall I bought pumpkins on clearance at the grocery for like a quarter a piece. I'd cut them in half and set them out for the chickens and in 2 days it would be just a floppy piece of pumpkin skin

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