Cas has taken a liking to my dogs food....Question...


Apr 25, 2015
So now that Cas is diapered when he's out and about, he has run of the house and has taken to exploring the areas that I've "goose proofed" for him. My two dogs are fed on a very strict schedule (one is very old and the other has health issues and allergies) of three small meals a day. They're also (obviously) fed two different foods because of their age difference, they need different requirements. (The older dog is 14 and on Science Diet Senior and the younger is 3 and on Blue Buffalo Rice and Lamb because he can't have any corn).

Anywho...normally for their night time 'dinner' (because Cas thinks he's one of the dogs LOL) I give Cas his bowl of salad while the dogs eat their food. I have to watch the dogs eat, because the older dog will always try and sneak some of the younger ones more tasty chow. Cas NEEDS to be within view or he gets upset so I had been just standing in the doorway that separates the two rooms, so I can see everyone and Cas still feels like he's eating with the "boys". This has been the routine for about 2 weeks now with no issue.

Well last night was a bit more hectic because I'd gotten home a bit later than normal, but I picked up the routine as best I could. I watched the dogs eat and Cas finished most of his salad and I went about cleaning out his house for bedtime. I hadn't noticed the few bits the younger dog had left in his bowl...

I caught Cas happily chowing away on the pups crumbles and I promptly removed him and picked the dish up off the floor. I know he ate some. I managed to get the chunk he had away from him with a great bit of struggling on both our parts, but I know some went down. I can't seem to find anything here on whether dog food could be bad for a goose or not. The food he ate was Blue Buffalo brand Lamb and Rice.

He LOVED it and he's fine as far as I can tell, but I'm still worried...Lol


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May 21, 2015
He will be just fine! Our goose became addicted to puppy food, then cat food, and became a monster if he couldn't reach the bowls and saw one eating. It was terrible! The food caused quite the mess in his diaper, but he was completely healthy and happy otherwise.


Feb 9, 2015
If you got your dogs to eat a salad (hahahaha), Cas would be all over that. Jupiter is the same way. She wants everything I am touching! When it comes to food, she is FINICKY. She only recently took to eating peas, but she definitely doesn't see them as treats. I might try a few kibbles of cat food to see if she likes that.


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Mar 8, 2014
Nashville, TN
Hahaha!!! This literally sounds exactly like my house. Moose is seven months and on a special large breed food because of some growing issues the vet is worried he might have, and Ryker our nine year old Golden has to eat the Nutro Venison diet because he's allergic to chicken!! So far I don't let Pear Jr near them though

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