Cassie may have a respiratory disease :-(

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    Jul 7, 2015
    We have a feeling that one of our 3 Polish bantams, Casserole, is suffering with what could be a respiratory disease.
    She seems perfectly fine within herself, is eating, dust bathing, and generally frolicking with the others, and isn't any smaller or malnourished in any way.


    However, she does have an issue with her right eye which seems to be weeping quite a bit, and she's always rubbing that side of her face on her back. Initial thoughts were that it was just the weight of the 'crazy hair', and have cleaned up the area around the eye prior to potentially trimming back some of the feathers, which was met with many grateful trills. The eye itself doesn't seem tender or sore in any way, but we still did a search to see if it might be anything more serious that might affect any of our other birds, despite none of them exhibiting similar symptoms other than infrequent sneezes.

    (this is the best picture we can get of the affected eye)

    From our searches we came to realise that maybe the 'honking' wasn't Cassie's voice breaking or changing, but maybe a symptom as well. So combining the eye, honking, and sneezing (the sneezing she's had since birth 10 weeks ago) leads us to suspect something that will need treating. None of our chickens have had any immunisation as vets here in England don't seem willing to do it unless you have a much larger flock (100's of birds), but have no problems taking her to a vet to be treated if needed.
    We were wondering though if anybody had used VetRX? It seems to be the only thing we can get hold of here in the UK without going to the vet and getting antibiotics, and even then we're wary of the possibility that it could make any future eggs unsuitable for human consumption.
    Has anybody else had similar happen to any of their birds, and come across any natural remedies that keep the eggs edible? Should we consider treating all of our chickens just to be safe?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    J & K.
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    Sep 25, 2015
    She may have some type of infection,but it does sound a little like the disease.

    The eggs are still edible,but you shoud give here meds.The disease sticks wil stick with her for life,and it does unfourtently sorten their life spans.

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