Castrating Older Goats/Picking a Quality Buck

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    I've gotten into meat goats this past year (kinda happened by accident) and there is a large Hindu family in southern Michigan who are my main purchasers of goat meat. I slaughtered 5 wethers earlier this year, ate maybe 5 lbs of it myself, and then my father who works with the wife of the family, told them about my goat meat after overhearing them complain that they couldn't find any good goat meat here in the USA. So, over the course of several months, they have bought ALL of my goat meat from me. The husband called Saturday to let me know that they wanted at least 2 morewhole goats.

    I went online and found some for sale. I called the woman and she had 3 wethers available and a friend had 6 young Boer bucks. I made her an offer on all 9 and she took it (even delivered them because her FIL lives the next town over from me!). The 3 wethers are going to the processor on Fri (tomorrow) and I'll take the other goats at a later date.

    However, the other 6 are bucks. Young bucks--the oldest is about 7 months old. They do have the "bucky" smell but it is not full rut. I was wondering if a burdizzo/emasculator could be used on an older buck. Fiasco Farms website says yes but only had demo photos of younger (4 weeks old) bucklings. I have never used an emasculator before and these bucks are not terribly tame. When I spoke with my customers last night, they didn't seem too terribly worried about "bucky" taste to their meat. All their goat meat ends up in curries which all end up tasting like curry powder anyway. One of the other 4-H moms said that so long as they weren't in full rut and hadn't been used for breeding, they should be fine.

    Also, since I don't have a buck of my own, I thought about keeping one for my own breeding purposes. I'll post photos later. I'm not familiar with what "quality" I should look for. None of these bucks are purebred or papered, but they will be bred to unpapered dairy does for cross bred kids. The woman said they they were all half-siblings (some were full siblings) and all 7/8 Boer. I do have a Saanen/Boer doe who has 3 teats so I do know I want a buck with only 2 teats. What else should I be looking for?

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    If you're breeding goats for meat, I'd try to pick one of the biggest, beefiest, meatiest ones to keep as a buck. Wide chested, deep bodied, well fleshed.

    Other things to look for include worm resistance (check the gums and eyelids, the pinker the better).

    Temperament (easy to manage and keep fenced in, vs. wild and a houdini).

    Hooves (overgrown feet is a heritable trait, so if you hate hoof trimming, pick a buck with good hooves).

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