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  1. hiya! this is club for all you fellas that have cats!
    i have 3: Tas (boy) Rainy (girl) and Simba (boy)
    Simba dosn't really live with us that much, Tas HATES him. but simba is a cat the thrives on human attention.
    if you want to join, please list all your cats and if you can, post pictures of them.

    the first pic is rainy
    next is simba
    last is tas

  2. i has a tas!
  3. Poor rainy! she got outside and locked outside! shes an indoor cat
  4. Campine Lover

    Campine Lover Songster

    Mar 7, 2010
    Moss Beach, CA
    Here's my kitties!
    Bonnie- Seal Point Ragdoll mix-8 years
    Squeak- Chocolate Maine Coon- 5 Years
    Dusty- Rose Tabby- 8 years
    They are all indoor outdoor cats, they go both
  5. Catstar68

    Catstar68 Songster

    Sep 7, 2009
    Franklinton, NC
    Pixie Consequence Jones is the newest member. My DBF named her, we rescued her but now will keep her since DBF has fallen under her spell. 'Pixie led', if you will.
    Mojo (Mo), my big, lazy black and white 10yo boy. He's a love!
    And I have a small 2yo female classic tabby/torbie that I for some reason cannot find pictures of. She's a sweetie but has a loud mouth (mom was a siamese type) and runs around like a squirrel on Mt. Dew and sugar cubes.
    I love my kitties!!! [​IMG]

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