Cat fascinated by incubator


13 Years
Jan 24, 2008
We have a young cat (4 months) and she is totally fascinated by our incubator. She sniffs through the air vent, so she obviously likes the smell, although she has never paid attention to eggs outside the incubator. She watches me roll the eggs, and reached in and rolled one for me, just the right amount, the other day. If I even look at the incubator, she dashes over there looking keen.

So what's up with that?
- Cat has chicken addiction too?
- She knows what will hatch out, and expects chicks to be tasty?
- She thinks she's a chook, and is going all maternal on me?

Anyone had this happen before?
My mamacat is loves watching me turn the eggs, but she only sniffs them when she gets close enough.

My little cat wants to roll the eggs around, and loves sniffing it when she thinks I'm not watching. (Seriously, she waits til I'm in bed before she goes near it.

I think your little cat is going to end up as a mamacat.
Of course she's interested -- you're making free food! How good is that. And that she turned an egg just the right amount... there is more to that cat than meets the eye. Smart cat!


For 18 years my last cat was my right hand -- she was my best babysitter, bunny minder and seamstress buddy. I swear there was somewbody really smart inside that cat. You may have got yourself one of those 1 in a million's. Appreciate her.
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