Cat food? Animal protein? Crickets? Oh My!

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by firedancer57, Sep 20, 2010.

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    OK, I have read several threads about the different things that you can feed your chicken, I have read with interest the debate over Purina and PM feeds. Animal protein v Vegitable protein. Treats v No treats etc... So yeah I'm confused.
    I have one chicken, a house chicken. She's a great pet and she gives me an egg most days. She goes outside with me in the evenings when its cool, so she can eat the grass and chase and eat the bugs (yuck).
    I want to do the best for her, as I do for my parrots . Where we get our basic seed mix for the parrots they sell chicken feed also: it called F-R-M 15% layer crumbles . It has 15% Crude Protein is this OK. it also has Calcium, fat, fiber, salt , and severl vitamins that I recognize. She also gets whatever I feed the parrots fruits and vegitables and whatever is for dinner that She loves grapes and peanut butter. She seems to be thriving aand doing well but as I said I want to do right by her.
    Also she seems to be a little thin around the sturnum, muscle mass in the legs, thighs and back area seem fine, her eyes are clear, no discharge from the nose. She seems to be healthy but what could I be doing better.
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    Wow, she sounds a little spoiled. LOL! "an egg most days". Sound like your doing good without any advice from me.

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