Cat gets the runs from dry food!

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  1. Im sorry but theres no nice way to describe this:
    I am petsitting a client's cat who has been living with him for only 3 weeks. The poor thing was abandoned and hungry when he rescued him.
    He has 1/2 a can of catfood am and pm plus a capful of dry kibble on the side.
    If he has only the can, his stools are normal, however if he has the kibble as well, he suffers diarhea, i cant find my spellcheck!!
    Has anyone had a cat who gets this from dry food??
    I have to wear a dustmask when i go over to give him his brekky as there are 4 piles waiting for me on the lino floor.
    He does 1 in the litter tray and the rest on the floor.
    Ive tried good quality dry food but with the same outcome.
    Im wondering if he suffers from something that the vet didnt diagnose when he first got him.
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    Apr 6, 2007
    Give it time.

    I found with dogs and cats that once you switch them to a good
    quality kibble it takes them a while to adjust to it. Once they do
    their poop is consistent and not so stinky. I hate canned food of
    any sort and NEVER feed it to my animals.

    My GUESS is the fiber in the kibble is causing it to expell the canned
    stuff too quickly. How old is the cat? How is it's teeth?

    I feel for you having to deal with cat poop. It's nasty stuff.
  3. Thanks purplechicken, the cat is about 3, teeth are good.
    I also dont like canned food however I have a petsitting business and everybody has a different diet for their pet.
    Some are great homemade casseroles, others use the cheapest nastiest stuff around. I try to preach the nutrition factors to them but some people dont spend alot on their pets.
    The dear little cat that im looking after now was found abandoned with matted long hair, a persian cross? the fellow took him/her to a vet for a shave and the poor cat improved overnight, no more pain from pulling hair, though the vet couldnt tell wether it is a male/female!!!strange!
    So he still has to try different diets which is hard as he has a business to run.
    He is a wonderful caring owner and I would like to help him out as much as possible.
    I gave him a $100 discount for twice daily visits as he was so good to rescue him and the vet cost him lots too.
    He is a noncustodial dad who has gone to visit his children interstate. sad story.
    Anyhow back to subject, the cat doesnt graze but will eat all food put in front of him., unlike others who can have a big bowl of dry food to have whenever they feel like it.
    So the little fella gets hungry beween visits.
    Im giving just a bit of dry on the side and building up the amount daily.
    Ill take his pic tommorrow, he looks so cute with hair on his face, tail and forearms only!!I call him Gizmo or poopoo cat!

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