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    Feb 11, 2008
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    I had to have one of my cats put to sleep on Saturday. He was a barn cat. We aren't exactly sure how old he was. Cream Puff was dropped off at our place 13 years ago last november (and he was already a mature cat then). We had him vaccinated and neutered, and he lived in our barn contendedly with all of the other drop offs (We call them refugees) all those years. He was fine one day and staggering the next. We think he had a stroke. He didn't seem to be in pain. The vet agreed that being PTS would be best, and it was probably something neurological that he wouldn't recover from. He was a nice cat and very pretty too. We brought him in the house, and he sat on my lap for about an hour before we took him in. I think he knew. Even at the vet he seemed content. He couldn't stand by then, but he seemed relaxed all wrapped up in a towel. When we brought the body home, I laid him in the barn for the other cats to see. I made sure they all saw and sniffed him. I know it sounds strange, but it keeps the other cats from wondering where he went. In the past, we have not had such viewings and had cats go missing for weeks afterwards. I think they were looking for their companion. I could be wrong, but why chance it.
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    I am sorry to hear. You did the right thing for him though. It was probably very good that his fellow barn buddies did get to see him one last time. I have noticed that when we loose one we see a shuffle in the pecking order and some venture away never to be seen again. It is hard loosing the elderly in the group I think.


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