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    So, I need to say up front that this thread is kind of for my own reference, but I also wanted to share my findings with others. I have 16 pullets of various ages and breeds, most of whom have started laying. Today I took eggs from the last two weeks' worth of what was laid and made a kind of chart to see who was laying, and what. I understand that chickens are individuals, and even in the same breed, there can be a lot of varying on size/shape/color, but I hope that this can be a little helpful for others, too.

    Okay, pictures first!

    No, Diesel. You may not play with mommy's eggs.


    The over all group, with names and breeds listed.


    Closer shots to help define shape.





    Moving from one column to the next, going left-to-right, here are the pullets that the eggs belong to, in case the pictures aren't large enough:

    Angel - Black Wyandotte*
    Mystery egg, pale brown and torpedo-shaped
    Lark - Rhode Island Red
    Cookie - Silver Laced Wyandotte
    Stevie - Blue Wyandotte*
    Chelsea - Exchequer Leghorn
    Chuck Norris - Leghorn/Ameraucana cross
    Jemma - blue Ameraucana
    Thelma - Buff Orpington/Easter Egger cross
    Trixie - Black Sex-link
    Peach - Buff Orpington
    Dottie - Barred Rock/Dominique cross
    Mystery egg, pale brown and small

    The ??? by some eggs means that I'm not 100% certain that the eggs belong to these girls, but I'm pretty sure. The pullets that I have yet to identify an egg from, who could be laying, are an Easter Egger and three Icelandics, though two of the latter are only barely of laying age. It is possible that the EE could be laying one of the green-blue eggs, and it's just so similar to the others that I can't tell it apart.

    There's also a Welsummer out there, but the medium brown egg is not from her, because I started finding them when she was around 12 weeks old - a little too young, I would think.

    *Stevie and Angel are sisters from the same hatch - same roo over two blue Wyandotte hens. I find it interesting to see how different their eggs look.

    Thanks for looking and letting me share! Other opinions are always appreciated.
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    If you are around the homestead all day, trap nesting is a way to know for sure. Helps if you have your birds tagged with ID's too. Then you can record it all in a spreadsheet :)

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