Catching a possum with bare hands (vid link)

ozark hen

Living My Dream
12 Years
Apr 4, 2007
Mansfield, MO
Wow, now I have dial up so I didn't watch the entire video as I have been watching it since 10:54 till 11:10 just to watch 52 seconds of it...dial up
All I can say is DO NOT let Miss_Jayne see this or you will give her ideas!! You are amazing R-R. I was sitting up close trying to see it when you were aproaching the steps then shooting back in my chair
Like it was going to get me?
Great video

Run-A-Muck Ranch

11 Years
Mar 26, 2008
In the middle of nowhere!!!
Very very brave to be touching a wild animal like that (or at least in my mind)...Was something wrong with it that it was soooo s-l-o-w?? I thought they usually are smart enough to run off...I mean I know they 'play possum', but I didn't think you could just pick one up???

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