Catching chickens


7 Years
Nov 5, 2012
I am a newbie and I would like to know the easiest and safest way to catch chickens. They free range and I need to get them to go into the coop at night to protect against predators. I guess the only way I can do that is catch them and place them in the coop at night. Thank you.
You can wait until dark and they are easy to catch. Otherwise, go to home depot and get yourself a net in the garden section. It's made for fish, but has a long handle you can extend. It works wonderfully on stubborn little chicks.
Thanks for the reply but at dark they are already nesting. One on the window sill and the other way up in a tree.
one is about 7 months old and the other the bantam , I don't know how old she is, but she was laying eggs, but not now they are both molting

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