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    Hello all! I will be teaching photo editing! It isn't that hard once you get the hang of it. Just follow some simple rules, turn in your project in time, and then get your grade- Along with tips! Have fun! To join, PLEASE PM ME!

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    Let's get started on lesson one!

    What will I need?

    You will need a Photoshop program. Photoshop is a great editing program! You will also need a unique background picture and a nice, good quality picture.

    When do I turn in the lesson?

    You will need to turn it in on Febuary 23. :)

    Now let's start editing!

    Now that you have your background .. (Hint; Choose a background that isn't TOO crazy, yet to your liking. It can be too distracting sometimes and make you mess up.) And your good quality picture saved to your computer.. (Hint; Start with an animal for your first, preferably a dog or horse. It makes it easier because they aren't so detailed. For advanced students, try using a chicken, turkey, or person.) ...Get started!

    *Open up your background picture.
    *Add a layer.
    *Open up your foreground picture.
    *Use the lasso tool around the main animal/person of your foreground picture.
    *Put your mouse on the animal/person. (DO NOT click)
    *Copy it.
    *Go over to your background picture.
    *Paste the animal/person to the background picture.
    *Zoom in.
    *Use eraser tool carefully around the edges, until the new background picture looks like it belongs behind the animal/person.
    *And your done! Just save it to your computer and post it here!

    This is what I came up with!

    See how I moved the eraser carefully along the dog? Also don't forget to add some text or other awesome stuff to make your picture great! (OPTIONAL)
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