Catching "wild" chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by barnyardblast, Apr 19, 2017.

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    Jun 17, 2014
    We have around 70 egg layers and are raising about 50 meat birds at the moment. Last fall, we had baby chicks in an area of our yard that was fenced until a storm took out a section of the fencing. We recaptured most of them but couldn't find the rest. A couple of weeks later, we started noticing them roaming around our farm. We have tried to catch them but there are about five that have resisted all attempts. They survived through the winter and are still around. They are all roosters and without any of their "ladies" about, they are starting to fight each other. (We had free range hens that would be "visited" during the daytime - we confined them further during the latest avian flu concerns).

    Any ideas on how to catch them? (Preferably without serious injury to anyone). I am tempted to use a pellet gun and just shoot them (since they would be used for butchering anyway) except I have not shot a gun with any sort of frequency. We live in the country, so neighbors aren't a problem. We have tried nets and also cages with plenty of food in them. We don't feed them but they fly into the other animal pens for feed.

    If I could catch them, I have a pen for them to hold them until our next butchering day, but I'm okay with simply killing them in order to prevent the excessive crowing, fighting, and scaring guests.
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    On the MN prairie.

    Watch to see where they're roosting. If you can reach them, pick them off the roost and put them where you want them.
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    Chickens are easiest to catch at dusk or evening when they've gone to bed they can't see really and don't put up much of a fight kind of like the sitting ducks expression[​IMG]

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