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    Missy was once a stray cat with kittens fending for herself begging for food, warmth and love. She had seven babies and the poor momma was so overwhelmed on what to do because here she was homeless and not knowing what to do next for her kids. As the nites turned too cold, she had no where to turn with all her babies- she got in abandoned buildings, under car ports and everywhere to stay warm and to try to find food. Too make a very long story short she was found by this wonderful family who took her in with babies and finally she hit the big time. She finally has lots of warmth and good food and lots of lots of love. Poor Missy lost five of her kittens due to no fault of her own- they got sick being out in the cold fending for themselves- !
    Missy is young- about a yr old and she is beginning to seek out a forever loving family of her own- is that with you? Do you have a nice home where she can sprawl out in the window sill watching the birds= where she can curl up on your bed and fall fast asleep ? She has been around children of all ages, other kitties and dogs and she is just the perfect family type kitty-- all she wants is love-- she loves to purr and she loves to have people make the biggest fuss over her- she is one loving cat who deserves to find her forever loving home soon.
    Missy is just wanting to find her good home soon- the holidays are coming and she so wants too be with her family. She has been wishing at the stars and hoping her wish will come true- she can have a loving family to share the rest of her life with. She has so much to be thankful for this coming thanksgiving-- but can she belong to your family forever and be able to share some of your turkey with you this Thanksgiving?
    Missy is just waiting to get spayed and then she can go on with her new life- can she have you in her life? There is a process however to get Missy her forever home-adoption fee and references are deemed necessary to ensure Missy will forever have a good life and never go back fending for herself out in the world.
    Please email Missy and tell her you would love to give her that SECOND CHANCE! Once you meet Missy you will believe like we do -- giving Missy that second chance was worth it all!!

    Missy will be waiting by the computer hoping her new family will reply!!

    Two kittens that survived need homes too-- below is pic of one of them- they wont go till they are spayed/neutered--in two wks..

    Penelope needs a loving home- she is getting spayed the end of the first wk in November. She is four months old- shorthaired- and very lovable- she would make a wonderful family type pet..

    **All of them are fully vetted- and will require adoption fees to cover costs of vetting so we can rescue more homeless cats**
    For further info please message me here...Thanks!

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