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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Kadaily, Dec 1, 2017.

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    Aug 22, 2017
    hello. I have never owned chickens before but we are going to start our journey this spring. I’m getting ready to order my 1 day old chicks. My daughters really want a few Silkies. We have a very small cat (7lbs). She hunts small births and moles regularly. Don’t worry. She wears a bell. I’m concerned that silkies might be victims of her hunts. Obviously they need to be well protected while tiny babies but what are your thoughts on this once they are full grown? We were hoping to let them free range only when we are out with them before they go in for the night. I am thinking that once they are full grown that they will be to big for her to bother with but I’m just worried. I’m trying to avoid as much heartbreak as possible.
    I have make all precautions as far as predator proofing my coop and run.
    Thanks for the advise and I’m so excited to start my new adventure!!
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    Welcome to BYC. Just monitor her behavior, and if she is still interested make sure that she is never alone with them even when they are mature. Good luck, and have fun.
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    My silkie chickens live in the house, with dogs and cats. They are never out of their enclosure unless we are watching, but my cats and dogs have been known to nap/snuggle them but never have hurt them. When they were first introduced, the birds were just a few days old, the cats were curious but nothing more. My husband says Our house defies logic since all our pets get along great.
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    I have a cat who will hunt anything and everything that moves. When they're babies he was curious but now he leaves them alone. He seems to know that they're pets and doesn't bother them. In fact, sometimes they scare him.
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    My cats hang around the chickens all day long. No issues. The neighbor's dogs wander into our yard on occasion and never bothered the chickens. Probably more of an exception in my case. I have more issues with possums and raccoons than I have with dogs or cats.
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  6. My cats were a few years old when they were introduced to a mixed bantam flock of 18. Ended up being 9 n 9 however including a severe cross beak girl. I never had any problems between chickens and cats. My male had to be in the coop with me every day. This was my boy Marshall with one of my Showgirl's. This was taken winter 2015, first winter with my chickens. Marshall disappeared on us 9/7/16 and of the 18, I have 6 left - 5 hens including my little cross beak and a roo. The 18 chickens were all confined in a coop 4' x 8' and was never cleaned, nor were eggs collected by owners. I took a chance on them, most died in the first year from health issues. Now, my 2 female cats could care less about chickens. They'll walk past without even acknowledging the chickens are there.

    This is my boy Marshall and one of my Showgirl hens. He was about 13 pounds and she was 1.5 pounds. All I can say is let cats be curious but use caution. I also now have standard chickens and my 2 girls are scared of them but not my Bantams.

    Good luck.
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  7. I forgot to add, I recently had standard chicks and ducklings hatch, my cats check on them constantly in their brooder (it's in the house). Chicks were on side where cat is. 20171101_221856.jpg
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