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  1. My sons 8 month old male cat just walked into my kids playroom, hopped into a toy box and pooped in it, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!! There is a clean litterbox 5 feet from where he went [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Don;t you just love it! [​IMG]
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    We used to have a stray that we rescued, and we helped him heal, and took care of him..... and then he started pooing on my son's train table. Daily.

    That only lasted a few days, and now he's a stray again.
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    [​IMG] Grrrr!

    That's reason number 11 to only have barn cats!
  5. This cat is asking to be put outside. I don't think I can take the accidents and spraying anymore. Half my house smells like male cat urine and he's neutered!
    I have 3 other cats, two use the box every time they go, one uses the box for every pee but has a behavioral quirk (she has kitty OCD) where she will only poo in a bathtub at night (even if you put a litter box inside the tub at night) and then this one.
    He's really ticking me off. My son loves him so I don't feel like I can just get rid of him and he's lived with us since birth (we have his mama).
    I want him to be an outside cat but don't know if I should just toss him out when he's never been outside before, does he need to be aclimated you think?
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    When cats do this outside of hte litter box it's highly likely that they have urinary tract infections. Take him to the vet for a check-up.

    My cat would pee in the sink, dryer, bathtub & who knows where else when she had a UTI. She also had crystals in her urine, which made urinating very painful. This is what leads them to seek new places to relieve themselves: they identify the litter box with pain and are trying to avoid pain.
  7. Thanks Jenn, I'll call the vet.
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    Glad to hear it, Jenna.

    Hey, any news about your possible "delicate condition"?
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    Is he neutered?
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    well I know your mad, but cats are always and will stay for ever the best, try this products and I promise it will help

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    good luck.

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