Cats in NY needing homes! Story here

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    Received this today.... If you know anyone who may be able to help........

    Dear Best Friends Members, Debbie in Queens, NY contacted us at Best Friends to let us know that she and 4 other people have been helping a woman in Queens who is being evicted on 9/8. The woman is elderly and disabled. She had 87 cats but through the combined efforts of all the people involved the number is now down to 54. While this woman did take on more cats than she could appropriately care for there are two important aspects of her story to consider. She lives in an area were cats are dumped and left to starve on the streets. She has, with her own resources, fed over 100 cats on the streets in her area. She really wants to get these cats adopted and has also placed many cats in the past. As well, while she had financial resources, she paid for the vetting of sick and injured cats and spayed and neutered the ones in her care. Debbie and her friends will be working with this woman to insure that she has no more than 6 cats living with her in the future. A great rescue organization in upstate New York, Pets Alive is able to hold the cats for one month only since so there is a tremendous need to find them homes as quickly as possible. The four people involved have drained all their financial resources in caring for the cats but remain passionately committed to finding homes for these kitties. They are even transporting 12 of the cats to rescues in Arizona and Texas that have accepted them. If you’d like to read more about the situation and how you can help please go to this link: <> . Some of the cats are under-socialized, some are semi-feral and others are feral. If you go to the inventory <> attached you can read a bit about each of the cats. Due to the focus on rescue and caring for the cats, Debbie and the other volunteers have not been able to photograph them – I bet they are all beautiful! If you can help by taking one or two of the cats or you would like to know more about them, please contact Debbie at: (718) 309-6161 or email her at: [email protected]. You can also help the cats by passing this message on to your personal network. The cats thank you for anything you can do on their behalf. Best Friends also thanks for you everything you do that’s making the world a better place through kindness to animals! Warm regards,

    Medha Isaacs
    Animal Help Specialist
    Best Friends Animal Society
    5001 Angel Canyon Road
    Kanab, UT 84741
    435-644-3965 Ext. 4836
    [email protected] <>

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