Cats with food allergies.

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  1. I have a cat that is around 4-5 years old. Over the last month or so she has developed some scabs down her back, and has lost some of the hair. Its not ringworm, fleas, or anything of that sort. We used to feed her a different feed till we moved to purina healty heart (or something like that). It got better, but now she is developing the same thing. I was wondering if anybody else has cats on here with a food allergy, and what type of feed you are feeding them.

    Apparently cats develop allergies after they have been on the food for some time.

    Im going to see if my local pet supply store carries Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck formula. That seems like a good food to try.
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    My cat was diagnosed with irritable bowel disease at about age 10. She was fine up until that. The vet prescribed some super expensive stuff. You could only buy it from the vet for literally $50 for 8 pounds. They also gave me the choice of feeding Natural Balance, which of course was the only logical explanation. Petco now carries the three flavors of allergy cat food, the duck, the salmon and a chicken one. I mix it up between the three and she's a pretty happy kitty. Personally, I think Petco is a bit expensive, but much cheaper than vet food. If you combine sale prices, with coupons and any frequent buyer discount you get, it's much more reasonable.

    Those were not the symptoms my cat showed, but sound in line with allergies. My cat just stopped eating and vomited now and then.

    As far as I know, Natural Balance is the only over the counter allergy cat food on the market.

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