Caught my egg stealer

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Bugcrusher, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Bugcrusher

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    Jun 23, 2008
    Lakeland, FL
    The last few months I have noticed 1-2 eggs that get eaten right in the coop. At first I thought the chickens were stopping some eggs and then eating them before I could get them out of the coop/nest box. But the last few nights I narrowed it down to nighttime raids. The night before last I saw/heard something move in the chicken run just before nightfall, but I dismissed it as one of the hens moving to roost a little later than usual supported by the fact my 3 dogs that were by the coop did not alarm/bark at anything. The next day after work I was in the run changing out water and food when I saw a large possum crawling up the inside back panel of the fenced run. That possum had been in the run all day with the chickens but had not touched one of them and the chickens acted normal when I opened the run to let them roam the yard (~1 acre). Boy was I surprised and so was the possum, he froze clutching the fence and I got an improvised dog loop and pulled him down and put him over the fence. I believe that this sneak had been visiting for the last few months and that my dogs had just gotten used to it like they ignore the squirrels in the yard. The dogs know not to go into the coop, so I figure they ignore anything in there. Now I have to "possum" proof the run! I have some nylon mesh fencing that I will use to cover the top of the run. I will find out if this is sufficient. The sage will continue.
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    Jun 22, 2012
    He will be back for more eggs that's for sure. I can't believe that your chickens weren't upset. We used 1/2" hardware cloth for our run and buried patio stones sideways in the ground all around the run and coop. This has worked great so far. Good luck trying to out smart the possum.
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    You could have opossum proofed your run with a 5 cent .22 shell.
  4. lucyboo

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    May 30, 2011
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    But the opposum didnt hurt they chickens so why shoot it? Im sorry but unless it has harmed them i dont see the need to mindlessly shoot it.
    Then again just my opinion i guess. [​IMG]
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    I too would shoot it. The possum is a pest and is stealing eggs and one day may decide to kill the birds.
  6. my dogs kill every possum they see.
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    How you choose to deal with a problem like this is a personal decision. I don't consider one way right and all others wrong. It's up to the person doing it.
  8. Imp

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    I have possums living in my yard as well. They have never bothered the chickens, or eggs. But they do like the Layena.
    Just a note that I have watched them go in and out of the run, and they can get through some very small gaps. I was surprised.

    Yeah, I make it a challenge to try and pet them; when they are up on the deck, eating cat food.

  9. moetrout

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    To each their own. If that works for you then cool. I personally agree with JanetS who said that opossum will be back. Most varmints, once they find a food source, will return.

    You're a brave person, I'd never attempt to pet one, unless of course I was standing on it's head!
  10. leonphelps

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    May 15, 2011
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    .22l shells are in short supply. holding onto my box like they are gold.

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