Caught my hen pushing her new egg out of box


12 Years
Jun 30, 2009
I just busted one of my NHR hens laying a beautiful egg, then pushing it out of the laying box onto the ground. It broke, and I've found a few others on the ground cracked lately. Any ideas on why????
Uh oh. Same problem here, except mine are rescues and too stupid to even go UP to the nests so I gave them nests on the ground, planning to raise them bit by bit.
They suddenly started laying anywhere on the ground and eating them! The RIR lays up in the nest and rarely eats hers.
I can't afford to keep chickens who don't lay, but being former "caged" farm chickens, I can't just let them go free range. They'll be killed in no time!
I'm interested in any replies you get also./ Nancy
You need to install a board in the opening to make it impossible for them to push the eggs out the door. Better yet use roll-out nestboxes.

So far these nesboxes have been working well.


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