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  1. marinica

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    Jan 28, 2015
    i manage to obtain a 60 % icubation rate.
    problem is that infertile eggs were to few.

    i opened a few eggs and the problem is that embrion seems to be fully developed, (so is a late death) but they dint pip into the "air room", so they die in the shell probably becasue asphixiation.
    what's seems to be the problem ? humidity, airflow ? i will put another series in 1 week, and i hope i will do better.
  2. marinica

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    Jan 28, 2015
    seems like the main problem was incorect positioning :( they were unable to break in air chamber.
    i stopped turning them to late ?

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    A little more info on your incubation practices would be helpful.
    We're your eggs shipped?
    Have you had stable temps?
    What was your humidty like during incubation, did the air sacs grow adequatly?
    Did you raise humidity to at least 65% at lockdown?
    What day did you lockdown and stop turning?

    Here is an excellent article on incubation problems, it's a good read

    Good luck with your future incubating.
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  4. AmyLynn2374

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    Oct 11, 2014
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    Yup, he's malepositioned alright. What was your humidty and temps durning incubation and hatch. When did you stop turning them?
  5. marinica

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    Jan 28, 2015
    this was my first homemade incubator (done by myself). until now my parent did the incubation part, in a comercial one, which i dint like. (~40% best incubation rate)
    thanks for the link, i already readit, but there is an incredible amount of info. hard to put 100% a diagnostic :), and next week i will put silent duks in there, and i want to do it better.
    i got the eggs man to man, no transportation (well, for 30 minute in a car).
    i used dry incubation method. humidity was around 30% until day 18. after that it was between 60 and 65.
    beign a home made incubator i checked the temperature with 2 mercury ones and 2 digital. i manage to get it right i think.
    i stopped turning at day 18.

    now issues i had.
    i trusted thermostat. for 2 days in beginning temperature was higher with 1c (38.5 instead of 37.5 forced air.) probably form here problems started.
    i stopped turning at day 18 (which was 18 march, i started on 1), and they got out in mass on the day early night 20-21 with some hatching a bit later on 21. probably if i would have stopped autoturning with 12 h before i did, it would have been ok.

    my my "stats" are :
    ~50 eggs in there.
    23 chicks out.
    15 clear eggs (here is still very cold) -> i was thinking that they were few, but i got a higher powered flashlight)
    10 malpositioned :(, they dint pip in air chamber, i tryed to help them out, but they were dead).
    2 eggs had some blood vessels in which were moved as i move the eggs, i trow them without opening.
    1 remaining chick had pip in airchamber yesterday only, hatched this morning, but was covered in blood and it died after a short while.

    i have one more with an issue, not sure what to do.
    he hatched fine, but if had the ..."line" (sorry, english is my 3rd language) around his leg, instead of egg shell. and he manage to pull out a bit from inside (about 3-4 mm). i cut the line as soon as i saw it, the inside was retreated, be but the problem is that was a bit of blood clot still stuck there.
    i put some water with methylene blue (?) but i'm not sure if is ok. any advice for him ? anything to disolve that blood clot ? or it will be ok ?
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