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Sep 7, 2010
I have 2 ducks, One is a Cayuga (female) and one is a Pekin(male). I am looking for a good home for them. I don't want to sell them, i just want them to go to a great home where they will be taken care of rather than be on a dinner table. I live in East Bay(Hayward) California. They both were born on August 16th 2010.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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Seems like you have many birds..I'd love to give them to you too..but I guess you do live very far.
San Diego is too far too.
OH. Oh. Uhhh oh. Oh..... I have a Cayuga pair, and it wouldn't hurt for Louie to have another lady friend. Thelma might not like it, though....

And I don't think I can take the Pekin... How long can you hold onto them? Two more weeks?

I've driven to Lafayette just yesterday, so to rescue a Cayuga duck who needs a good home, it wouldn't be that far...

This isn't a promise, I have to discuss this with my landlady, or just sneak the duck in, and figure out how to integrate her.... but it's something I am thinking about.
Unfortunately I wont be able to ship them.

The thing is this..

I dont mind keeping them..I Love them dearly..but soon i will be going off to the dorms..and my family wont be able to take care of them as they all work.

The food n water..for the day could be arranged..but cleaning their shed is one hell of a task..I clean it every day..I dont mind doing fact it has become a reflex for me..upon waking up..i go straight to the ducks...bring them in my bathroom..put them in my tub so they could have a nice bath...till then i clean their shed..fill fresh water for them to drink and dip their beaks in..Then i turn on the shower for them so after the bath they could have a nice clean shower..i wait for like 15-20 mins..then take them down in their shed..and then continue on my day.

this whole process takes around an hour to do..and like i said..i really dont mind doing it..but i am afraid that my family wont be able to clean the shed and give them their bath/shower time everyday.

So Thats why I am looking for someone who can keep them safe and give them the love and care they deserve.

If not..i am open to ideas..

do they need their shed cleaned every day? what could be a fast/easy way to clean it?

Also..if i do have to give them away..they both will have to stay together..they have been with each other since day one..and if i take one duck in the bath tub..and leave the other one behind..they both will quack and chirp till they are both together. They can't live w.o each other, and i'd hate to separate them.

I really wish for this to work out..and i hope it does.
I think if you are in cali and can arrange for a small tote with water you could save a lot of time. Do they free range in a little fenced yard at all? I use a big multi gallon feeder pan from TSC think I paid 8.99 for it. Works great as a mini duck swimming pool. You can use a deep litter technique with the birds which would require less cleaning time. Just some thoughts.

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