cayuga duck episodes of seizure like activity please look

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    I am reposting as I only got one reply, and, I am very appreciative of that reply, but hoped for more...... here it goes

    My Cayuga is about 6 weeks old this week. All of the ducks have been healthy and shown no signs of ANYTHING being wrong. There are two groups.... one group of 13 that were from 8 or 9 weeks hatched and then a second group of 20 that are about 6 weeks hatched. They are from a hatchery and are all different types of breeds.

    PROBLEM: Yesterday afternoon, as they were all old enough now, I switched a few around into their different groups. So, the Cayuga left her group with 3 of her hatchling friends and went into the new group and into the hutch that is next to hers. They can all see eachother, but are now in a different hutch/run. Anyway, those four are staying away from the other 10, but, so far, other than a bit of head bobbing at eachother, there has been no out and out fighting. They seemed to be fine this morning when I let them out. At one point, the four were around a water bowl and the Cayuga all of a sudden laid on the ground and her head went up and arched over her back and she was almost motionless. I ran over and picked her up and she was fairly limp and it looked like her eyes were either sunken in or rolled back in her head.... I carried her around for a bit and then she got the fight back in her and wanted down. She was a bit off balance here and there. Watched her for a long time. She was not really drinking or doing anything. Eventually, she took a few sips of water and then again, this was at least an hour later, she just kind of dropped to the ground. She tried to run away from me and just plowed herself forward, but wasn't picking up her front end. Again, when I held her she seemed quite limp, but alert. I finally put her back over in her other hutch with a couple of her original hatchlings. Put in some water as I am concerned with her water intake and she is hanging out in there...looking fairly normal except definately a bit "weak" in the knees like she was for awhile after the first "event". She looks OK otherwise. Could this be seizures from the stress? Althoguh they are all really stressed, is it just too much for her and she has a predisposition to getting a seizure? Or, is she sick? does this sound like anything anyone else has experienced? She is so sweet, always been more relaxed when you pick her up. Any help would be great. Thanks so much

    second part:

    Help with info on sick / seizure / ? Cayuga duckI don't know what to think. I read your thread and it sounds a bit different and yet then it sounds so similar. I thought that it was the stress of the move so I moved her back with the other ones...figured I would be able to tell her egg from teh pekins! Anyway, she seemed OK and I hadn't noticed anything for days and then we come home today and are running around and I look over and there she is on her back thrashing around again. My son ran and grabbed her and she was alert enough looking and we put her in the duck house and she waddled away a bit shakey, but on her two feet. She spent the rest of the day fine and went back out with the others. I do have to say that when I really watch her, she is a bit more "quiet" and reserved than the rest of the crew. She just kind of "hangs out". She seems healthy enough...I see her drinking fine, not necessarily eating, but there are many I don't notice eating, but know they all are or they would surely perish! So, I don't know what to think. Of course, there is no way of telling and I guess we just wait it out. She definately couldn't have gotten in to anything and, quite frankly, they are in a fenced area and house and so SOMEONE else would be showing some sort of symptom as well. I hate to isolate her and cause her more stress, but, if she goes out with everyone, then she can get in the pool and she would surely die if she had that "episode" in there. She doesn't go in anymore that I have noticed...again...just a slight bit different than the rest, but you would not know it if you did not watch VERY carefully and were sensitive to it.

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