Cayuga ducks and winter

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by earnhardtlvr, Oct 25, 2016.

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    Mar 25, 2011
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    Hi! We r new Cayuga duck parents. We have 3 girlies. We r trying to figure out what to for them for the winter. Does anyone have any tips or pics of ur water set up? Wehavejust used a kiddie pool all summer and they have loved that! But obviously we can't dothat in thewinter and so we dont know what to do for them sothat they have waterall winter. Any suggestions would greatly appreciated!
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    @earnhardtlvr you could try the Cayuga thread

    I don't try to keep pool water in dead of winter mainly because Our spring is frozen. But on nice days if the temps get up around 40 I'll give them a cement mixing tub to bath in and dump it so it doesn't freeze. If you want to keep the water going all winter there are heaters for stock tanks you can buy.

    I also use heated buckets for drinking water. TSC has them. They run on a thermostat so on at 35 .
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    Hi! I live in the desert, so my winters aren't nearly as strong as yours, but I always used to just break the ice layer first thing in the morning on my ducks' kiddie pool and they did just fine =) Granted, you could also get something with a pump to keep the water flowing which would keep ice from forming in the first place... Good luck and let use know what you come up with!!
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    @CollegeGirl3 Welcome to BYC
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    we live in kc,mo & coffee cans(plastic now) work great. i simply keep rotating when it freezes. depends on the wind chill how often you change them out. the ducks will be ok overnight-- just water them first thing in the morning..
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    it's very interesting to me what we all do through the year to accommodate our birds.. Thank you for your advise @Quack-161 and Welcome to BYC!!

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