Cayuga ducks come soon!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by MommaK6, Mar 22, 2012.

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    We have 2 cayuga ducks coming April 13th. I figured I'd ask the "been there, done that" community here about how this is all going to go down. They will be arriving with 7 chicks (mostly bantams) as well. We have 8 two week old babies in our brooder right now. Do they need to be separate? What about feeding them....are they allowed to eat chick starter? Do I need to separate them as they get older? Just give me all the nitty-gritty details of having 2 baby ducks!!
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    Cayuga's are adorable ducklings. I have one that is so sweet and loveable! I'm still fairly new, but I can add the knowlege that I've learned over the past month with my babies.

    If your ducklings are coming as newborns, then they might be okay brooding with the chickies, but they will grow 5 times faster than the chicks and especially with banties, I'd be conserned with piling for heat and smooshing them. (this would also be my consern with adding babie bantams with the babies you currently have).

    Ducks require almost the exact same things as chicks, so the heat levels (same as chicks) will be good and NON-MEDICATED chick starter can be fed. Ducklings do have niacin requirements that chicks do not. They need either niacin supplements or brewers yeast added to the feed. I'm not sure if the yeast would hurt chicks or not, but I doubt it.

    As they get older, they are going to get much bigger and will be much much much more messy with water than the chicks. That's one of the biggest concerns with keeping them together as babies! Ducklings will get water everywhere and it's harder for chicks to get warmer after getting wet than the ducklings. I do seperate our chicks and ducks just because of this reason. I will be adding them all back together in a few weeks when we have the coop and run set up. They can all see each other and play on the floor together, so they are still friendly as they grow up.

    Feel free to ask questions as they arrise!! We love helping people out that are willing to learn as much as they can before the ducklings actually arrive!!

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