Cayuga Ducks' eggs have always been green?


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Aug 2, 2018
Hi everyone, hope all is well out there!

My two Cayuga girls started laying in August. From the beginning their eggs were green in color instead of black or dark grey. Is it normal for the eggs to start this light? I live in Texas so it's hotter longer and the season is longer than say, Michigan ;) They are laying every other day so they are giving me lots of eggs, which are a beautiful green! I am just curious if them never being dark is normal?

Also can the eggs go darker next spring after winter subsides and go thru the lightening process again (so I might have a chance at darker eggs next year), or will they only lighten once in their lifespan? Thanks!


Free Ranging
Sep 2, 2017
They can lay dark grey, green, or white eggs. Yours just happen to be the green variety. Mine are dark grey for the first week, then they turn white/cream. Have yours lightened through the season as well? Or have they been the same shade of green?

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