Cayuga or Black runner? (added even more pics) see last post

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by zooweemama, Jun 1, 2012.

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    So I figured out that my crested it just a really low quality fw runner. He looks likes my fw runners from metzers but he is squatty like a 'duck'. We have 1 lone black duck. She is 8 weeks old. We thought she might be Cayuga but the more I look at the Cayuga pics- she is not built like a Cayuga at all. She is not breasty. Slimmer like my low quality fw crested runner. But she has a peculiar blue on her wings. When the light hits her wing tips they light up a rich blue. Like a stripe of it. She is totally black though. (and a she)
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  2. zooweemama

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    Added a pic of my Robyn walking. Hopefully it helps seeing her profile. I feel like she is a just a hatchery runner...
  3. I would have to say...Cayuga. Becuase they get more breasty at around the time they lay..That's how my Cayugas have always been... [​IMG]
  4. btwhitaker

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    I'd have to say runner based off her posture and the way her head goes straight down into the bill which is unique to runners. There's no dip like in other duck breeds.
  5. Yeah, The beak does look like a Definate Runner...But her posture doesn't really look like a runner..Becuase look at the other runns..Her belly is really skinny and tall...But still.
  6. DuckLover3

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    I don't think she could be a Cayuga....The ones I've had have always been a lot heavier than that one is. But then again, Pekinduck<3er is right that her posture isn't very pronounced....Could she be a mix?
  7. zooweemama

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    this is a runner from metzers.
    next up...

    crested runner from ideal. see the crested runner running next to my runner from metzers?

    now we go back to miss robyn.

    doesn't she also just look like a hatchery grade runner like her fellow crate mate the crested runner?
    or maybe my crested isn't a fw runner. my feed store orders from ideal poultry so it would be whatever ideal carries.

    i told my son we'll know for sure if we get any black eggs at the beginning of laying...she is the ONLY black duck we have.
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    I would say hatchery quality runner. Cayugas tend to be more horizontal.
  9. hdowden

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    Aug 14, 2011
    not cayuga. if you go look at my albums in the duck album you will see my 2 crested cayuga's from ideal. looks like their black runners that they have.
  10. zooweemama

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    Thanks guys! It actually blows my mind how a breeds appearance can vary from hatchery to hatchery! Robyn is my son's duck and he's a little bummed that she is likely not a Cayuga. He realllly wanted a Cayuga. Maybe next year when we open our flock to add on a few more ducks. :D

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