CBB (Button) quail pair: Cinnamon Blue Breasted/Wild Pair

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    Up for bids is one pair of Chinese Blue Breasted (Button) Quail. The male in this pair is cinnamon blue breasted, the female is wild (normal blue breasted).

    Please read some informative threads on caring for these wonderful little birds!

    The Do's and Don'ts of Button Quail (CBBQ)
    Chinese Blue Breasted Quail Information aka BUTTON QUAIL


    The birds shown are the birds listed in this auction. I'm moving and won't have space to keep 50+ button quail. Most have been re-homed but I still have a few pair who need to be placed.

    You can view 'good' pictures (My pictures all stink!) on quailladyoffortmyers's website at http://www.stellar-gamebirds.com/Button-Quail-Colors.html Just do a search on the page for "blue breasted". This will show you a picture of the hen. Quaillady does NOT have a picture of a Blue Breasted Cinnamon on her site, though they are similar to the Red Breasted Cinnamons, only with Blue breasts [​IMG]

    This is a bonded pair, they have been together since the day they hatched. They are a little over 1 year old (several of my birds are from the same hatch [​IMG]), and hatched approx. 10-10-10. Generally, the little hen lays 5-6 eggs weekly and HAS gone broody (though she didn't hatch any).

    Shipping is based on your zip code plus box fee. I don't have any chick boxes but have several of the horizon single NEST boxes. These boxes are $10 each, chick boxes are generally $3-$5. However, shipping (to me) on 1 chick box makes them about $10, sometimes more. So box fee is $10 unless you have an old chick shipping box laying around that you can send to me [​IMG]

    I can combine shipping on the buttons. A 50-ct chick box can be used for 2 pair, or a 100-ct box for 3-4 pair. I might be able to divide a single NEST box to ship 2 pair if needed.
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