CC online coop is rubbish! Bread help ASAP!

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    Ok so in September we got our cc online coop to house our 11 hens. I got it put together and while doing so my fears were confirmed. Was cheap materials and a lousy layout. Now two months later it is falling apart, too small for my girls, roost bars so low they are sleeping in the nesting box and super drafty. Winter is on its way and I am so worried they will freeze to death.

    Delimma is that we have 11 birds but we rent. I have search for kit coops that won't end up being crap as well as building plans and everything I am finding appear it will be a coop that once built can not be moved and since we do not own I need to find something big enough for my girls but light enough to be able to move when we do.

    I was think of trying to build one that can be torn down, or perhaps build two smaller ones that share the run or even buy a resin coop for they look fairly light. I am new to chicken keeping and could really use some advice on the best route to go with our situation and pressed time. Thanks for reading and hope one or more of you out there can give me some advice.
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    That's a link to my most recent coop build. At top is a cut and paste of plans for the Purina Chicken Hutch. It's a good design but needs the nest boxes lowered. Has plenty of ventilation. My 4x7 is a modification of that. If you use 2x3's and 2x2's instead of 2x4's and 3/8 plywood for walls instead of 1/2" it will be light. A 4x6 version of this would house your birds if you don't lock them in coop on cold days. Let them into run everyday just use a tarp to make wind shield on prevail wind corner or two sides and put down a thin layer of hay when run gets icy. If run is not covered shovel out snow. Oh, and keep feed and water under the coop.

    That or make a 4x4 version and sell off some birds. With above management style I've found 6-7 birds work quite well in a 4x4 with external mount nest box and feed & water under it. My 4x7 has 14 7 month birds currently. Thinking of housing in future years 18 birds, two cockerels/cocks and 16 pullet/hens. I may have to adjust that down by a few birds but looking at the 14 currently housed I don't believe so.
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    We bought one off eBay for three hens that included a sleeping area and double nesting box. The reality when they grew up was the entire thing was only big enough for a two hen nesting box.

    Also look at bird aviaries and such at your hardware store. Sometimes they can be converted and they are movable.
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    You may wish to consider buying a prefab shed (used if theres any on sale) - they make much more satisfactory coops as the space is flexible and can be tailored to suit your current and emerging needs.


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