Cedar perches?


Dec 30, 2018
North Florida
Planning out a new coop currently, and ran into the issue of using cedar.
I am in north Florida, and after hurricane Michael my uncle enlisted my husband to drag home every downed cedar tree they could find for milling. We have TONS of branches/limbs in all sizes that I was planning to use in our new coop and run. They are all really well dried out, having been sitting for a few years now, but I was planning on removing the bark and sanding any sharp spots (which will release some smell).
Does anyone know if this will work for roosts/run perches? None of my birds spend much time in the coop/run. All FR during the day unless on a water RX lockdown or we're out of town (rarely happens).
Its going to be a while before I'm ready to install. If the cedar smell is the indicator, I was thinking of stripping the bark now and allowing the branches to cure until installation.

Any thoughts?


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Jul 3, 2016
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My Coop
Should be fine, especially since they've been sitting a while now. I have no idea what kind of branches are being used as roosts in my set up, I just grab whatever is straight-ish.

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