Celebrate with my, My classroom is ready to go!

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  1. We took a 2 year break from homeschooling. I got rid of all of my stuff, and turned our basement back into a family room. And this year, my dear son says, "I want to homeschool again". Sooo, a massive basement redo was in order. Now I just want to pat myself on the back because I got it all sorted, organized and stored 2 weeks before school starts! I am rarely this on top of things, especially during garden/canning season. I just wanted to Whoot Whoot. [​IMG]
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    Good for you for homeschooling also. If I had children I'd do the same.

    I had been a substitute teacher for over 20 years up until this past year when I stopped.
    The horrible public schools did me in. No manners, no courtesy, no discipline, no urgency by students, teachers,
    or administrators.

    Good luck
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    Since I have my 2 Grands all day while my daughter works, I'll be glad when school starts and I'll only have the baby. My 4-year-old Grandson will be in pre-K and is even eligible to ride the bus. A school bus full of all ages and he's only 4? I don't know about this part. And he's the 3rd stop, so will be on the bus almost an hour. Better make sure he uses the potty before he leaves. LOL.
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    I wish you were in Ohio so I could give you a bunch of posters,textbooks,and workbooks. I have so much I bought over the years,and we no longer homeschool.If we get back into it then it will be an online K12 school. I will be taking my stuff to the goodwill soon.
    I still have the world and US map on the kitchen wall and a multiplication chart,lol. Couldn't let go of everything.It was fun setting up a school house at home! Enjoy the year!
  5. Thanks Everyone! This is the first time that we have ALL been excited about school. Now I am just waiting for all my books to arrive. The poor UPS and USPS guys must think I am crazy, hanging on the door watching them to see if they have brought the "goods". [​IMG] It is so hot here, we are going to start, so when we have a nice, decent day, we can have that day off to enjoy it.

    I wish I was closer to you in Ohio too! I had gotten rid of almost everything. I gave it all away on craigslist. That way I knew I was helping other homeschool families, and packets and kits didn't get split up. Exciting times for us, and we don't have to pay any tuition this year and that is a blessing.

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