Celebrating year of unbelievable blessings; are we making mistake?

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    For a few hours December 27, my family will gather together in celebration of a year of unbelievable miracles, but I wonder if we are making a mistake.

    December 27, 2007 at 7:24 PM my 12 year old grandson was accidentally shot through the head, scans indicated the upper portion of the brain was destroyed; for a period of about 2 weeks we were told there was no chance of meaningful recovery, even after 2 diagnosis of “no chance of survival” proved to be wrong.

    On January 1 we had planned his funeral. I was with him everyday in the hospitals, I saw the miracles but I, even today, can not fathom how blessed we have been!

    This child who had no reasonable chance was talking, without impairment in less than a month after the accident. His memory has returned (he says he remembers being on the skateboard preparing to do a jump, then he was waking up in the hospital); last week he completed a placement test in school where his score indicated he is perfectly capable of working on a 6th and 7th grade level!!! He did the test WITHOUT his one-on-one tutor (his choice, he said she slowed him down!)

    His motor skills have not returned as fast as we had hoped; he is able to use his right arm and is quiet capable on a computer keyboard, and does constant cell phone texting because he does not like talking on a phone; the left arm is progressing very well but has a way to go to really be functional.

    In rehab he is being trained on an instrument called an autoambilator and all indications are that it is not unreasonable to expect him to walk on his own in the not to distant future.

    Walk into a room where he is sitting on a regular chair and you have no indication as you watch and listen to him that he is challenged in any way.

    So, what is my problem? We are planning this celebration as an emphasis of the positiveness of the year’s experience, but as the date gets nearer I find my mind counting down the time to Dec 27--7:20PM, an anxiety building in my gut. Have we made a mistake? I pray not.
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    There's probably a whole raft of reasons that date/time is making you upset, but I think this plan of celebration & thanksgiving is a good and positive one! You have a lot to be grateful for, and a lot of challenges too. Go ahead & build some new & better memories around that awful anniversary, and build up your hopes for even more improvement in the year to come.
    [​IMG] I rejoice with you! [​IMG]
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    That's wonderful! Be happy a full year as come and progress has been made. The human brain and body has amazing abilities to rewire and develop before you hit your 20's. Glad he's doing great!
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    Just saw this. I trust that your day of celebration was a joyous time for your family and that the coming year will be one of great progress for your grandson. May God continue to bless your grandson and may the 2nd anniversary find him skateboarding again!
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    God Blessed him.......all you need to do is accept it.

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