Cement sheeting for walls, a good idea?


5 Years
Jun 5, 2014
We are in the process of re doing our coop to make it a bit more neater and draft proof and have been looking into the different types of options for the walls. We currently have a metal frame 3m x 1.5m that is covered in metal sheeting. What we plan to do is tidy up the drafty sides with some left over metal sheeting we have and mend the roof etc but what we are struggling with is the material to use if the front of the coop which needs complete replacing. This side will have the (people) door and the chicken opening. We are looking at the most cost effective and practical material. Most coops seem to be made out of plywood/wood but we are wondering if anyone has used cement sheeting (fibro cement etc) i can't seem to find much info on people who have used it, and given that it's cheaper then wood panels I'm wondering if there are drawback?


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I've never felt this stuff, but if they can peck it and get pieces off, that is what they will do, just as they will eat styrofoam. If they can't, it should be fine.

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