Centeral illinois Easter Egger Roos needs a new home

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    MJ ( formerly known as Mary Ann) needs a new home . I can't ship him but we would be willing to travel a little and meet you some place if you would like him. He is about 12 weeks old and crows. He is sweet but skittish . He loves to sit next to you and trill softly while you sing or talk to him softly. He would make a great pet roo. I don't know his cross, he came to us at approximately 4 weeks old. He was from a first grad class egg hatching science project. He and three others were gifted to us. ( we ended up with three boys and a girl )
    Sorry if I left anything out, we are really new at this so if you have any questions just let me know. Or if you would like him to add to your flock, or as a pet PM me and we can make arrangements ! Thanks everyone !
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    What is your location? He sure is a cutie!
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    Hi chickmom ! we are in Washburn / Low Point, Illinois, area.
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    I sad and excited to say that MJ and another roo will be going to a new home tomorrow to free range and over see their own flocks :) . we will get to deliver them and see where each will be housed after quarantine times. . We will most likely have one other roo to re-home in a few weeks who is also an Easter egger and quite beautiful ... if ginger lays an egg she can stay though , but she/he has yet to crow... hopping she is not truly a he ... [​IMG].. re-homing two roos should help us learn quickly if ginger is a he or a she. Thanks all !

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