Central Alabama

THere's alot of chickens in that area.Not sure how many are on here.What are you looking for?
I am open to almost any pure bred chicken (except bantums or RIR)
I would especially like to find splash orpingtons, ameracuanas, australorps, brahamas, marans, welsummers, (Did I leave anything out?) Anybody?
Check out www.binkys-barn.com. I'm not sure if she's a member here or not. I want to get some silkies from her if I can ever get my new coop built. I currently have 3 frizzles and 1 silkie and live near Trussville. Have you ever been to the trade day in Collinsville?
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I have got some sick birds from collinsville in the past (several years ago). I guess that it could be the case anywhere. I may check there if my other efforts fail. It is about 1 1/2 hours for me to drive up there. I will probably try the Susan Moore Swap this weekend. Does anyone know where this binky's barn is located?

I would also like to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions.
This site is full of the greatest people.
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You do have to be careful with what you buy at Collinsville or any trade day/flea market/swap type setting but there are some good people. I believe Binky's Barn is in the Bessemer area if I recall correctly.
I am looking for pullets or laying hens. But Jemison is a little too far south for me right now. I tend to travel north of Jeff co.
Thanks everyone for all your helpful suggestions.
I am in St.clair and have some chickens.. Duck Duck my calls are doing great both have been setting on their own nests they are do in a week they are both sitting on 6 eggs. The tan one took in a turken egg and hatched out a solid black necked neck I took it away since she has a week left on her eggs!! Silly ducky>>
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