Central California Local Urban Chicken Keepers (CCLUCK) in Fresno Meeting Schedule

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    May 25, 2011
    I'd like to share the meeting information and schedule with the group. You can also find more information about CCLUCK on FaceBook. CCLUCK is currently working on changing the ordinances in the City of Fresno and collecting information on ordinances & procedures to allow chickens in residential zones in the County of Fresno.

    All meetings are from 9-11 am, at 4141 N Fresno Street, Fresno, Ca
    South of Ashlan, West side of Street,
    in Joseph's Java Junction, Coffee Shop & Book Store
    Located in 4141 Ministries Foyer

    February 18
    Petition Signature Collection Fresno City College Next week
    CCLUCK Card Distribution
    Advocacy Pin sewing circle
    Demonstration Flock Preparation, Kyle Oakes
    Mobile Hen Pen Design Competition
    County Ordinance Update
    Poultry Show at Fresno Fair Grounds until 6:30 pm

    March 10 & 24
    April 7 & 21
    May 5 & 19
    June 9 & 23
    July 7 & 21
    August 4 & 18
    September 8 & 22
    October 6 & 20
    Two Month Hiatus for the Holidays
    Jan 5 & 19, 2013

    CCLUCK Projects:
    Demonstration Flocks
    Purchasing Cooperatives
    Lending Library
    Chicken 101 booklet & workshop
    Gardening with Chickens booklet & workshop
    Landscaping for Chickens booklet & workshop
    Chicken Calendars
    Mobile Modular Hen Pens
    Chicken "kits"
    Youth Outreach
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    Fresno County
    Hooray! So glad to find you guys on here! I heard about the group from a lady in another (completely unrelated) group I'm in. I'll go find you all on facebook... not sure I can make the meetings though.
  3. The Chickeneer

    The Chickeneer ~A Morning's Crow~

    My cousin lives in Fresno, and when I bought chicks the other day, he looked at them and said how he always wanted to have some. I know they've had rabbits before, but I guess chickens is a whole different thing. i'l tell him about the meeting. Thanks for the info[​IMG]
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    Apr 3, 2013
    Is this club still going strong?
    Also would any members sell chicks or young chickens?
  5. erikk

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    Jul 26, 2013
    near Abilene, TX
    Looks like they're focusing their efforts locally and less online. Do a web search for CCLUCK to find other avenues to keep up with their activities.

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