Central Ct - stores selling chickens!!!

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    Mar 21, 2010
    Just wanted to let anyone in Ct know who is interested that there is a new Tractor Supply Store now
    in Farmington, Ct located on 361 Scott Swamp Rd. The end part of Rt 6 near Tunxis Community College.
    Very close to Bristol, CT. Nice knew store that is selling Chickies right now!!!! Although if you go you
    do have to buy 6 or more-(for agricultural purposes they say) probably a good thing because I know I would
    have left with at least a couple- not six though!!!

    And also on April 16th Sat at AS Labieniec which is located at 945 Farmington Ave in Berlin, Ct. 860-828-3633.
    They are having a CHICK DAY. Hundreds and hundreds of chicks, and they sell you the whole kit and kaboodle
    for your chicks for a great package deal. They also have roosters and other chickens they are selling too!!!
    It is actually a feed and grain store in an old big red barn. Lots of fun!!!! Bring the kids!!!
    This is a great place to go and get your chicks because they will sell you as little as two I believe. Plus they
    have a bunch of other animals too out for the day. So just a couple of updates if anyone is interested!!!!

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