Central FL-Chinese geese prefer 5-9 moth males. Swap for tame mating pair of Whites?

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    Jul 9, 2013
    Osteen Florida

    Have two white geese that look very much like giant Pekin ducks. They are mated and successfully hatched eggs.
    They will make great pets, I need miserable mean Chinese geese to alert me and the dog of trouble. Best case is
    someone local prefer that over all, no cash even swap. If you want to sell them outright that's fine too. The request
    for "teenaged" Geese is the older ones get confused when re-homed and seldom work out ! Through the years the
    ones raised here get with the program quicker and almost always die of old age! I had high hopes for these two, it
    seems they were kept as pets. The male has the respect of Lil' Bill (red shredder) and kicks the beans out of both
    Roosters at feeding time. Beyond that they have their own agenda which includes begging for hand-outs pretty
    much pets. Contact me Righteous [email protected].
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