Central Florida (bushnell) chicken swap at Willy Nilly Feed 1/22

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    It's that time again. time to dust out those brooders, and get some babies going!

    Willy Nilly Feed in Bushnell is having their first swap of the New Year.

    You never know what is going to show up. the time is 8:30 and there is a small set up fee. (I think just a couple bucks).

    Myself, well, I'll have
    2 female (and laying) japanese bantams
    2 female (and laying) game birds
    2 mahogony rir roo's about 5 months old and gorgeous
    if i can catch the buggers about 50 quail that are about 5 weeks old (cant stand the stinky things)
    3/4 silkie 1/4 american cross about 3 months old and GORGEOUS (about 8 of them)
    RIR and Redstar chicks about 2-3 months old
    a GLW x Olive egger Roo about 3 months old
    GLW chicks from new hatched to 5 weeks (if i dont get bought out tonight)
    some redstar roo's of various ages (look delaware)
    a Buff silkie pair (roo is aggressive when it comes to his hen). they are BEAUTIFUL $35.00
    at least (1) 2 x 4 chicken/rabbit hutch. i can make special orders, and special sizes. just let me know!!!
    and i think that might be it.

    There has been a lot of interest by customers in this swap. So please come out and help it be a good one.
    ( I am looking for a turken roo that is breeding age if anyone has any)

    phone for Willy Nilly Feed is 352-793-7949
    address is 2491 CR 48 in bushnell.
    coming from South 75, make a right off exit 314, and we're right on your left.
    coming from North 75, make a left, go under 75, and you'll see us.
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    Willy Nilly Feed & Pet Supply Small Animal Swap/Tack Sale

    ]---> MAP[/B]
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