CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!! Dutch/Black Cochin/Cochin Pullet/Guinea/Aseel!

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    Jan 19, 2009
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    Hello I have the Following for sale.

    Bantam Wheaton Aseel Rooster (Needs a good home, absolutely no FIGHTERS!) Gorgeous and extremely nice. Has never spurred me or pecked me and have had him for a year and he's 2 to 2 1/2 years old. Can't be in contact with other roosters but great with hens and an AWESOME Prootector

    Bantam Black Dutch Roo, Small, not loud and is extremly handsome! 5-6 months old

    Black Cochin (Not sure if it's standard or bantam or its gender) Pretty Nice, Younger and pretty big.

    Bantam Splash Cochin Pullet- Very small and sweet. If bred to a black rooter, will create 100% blue chicks.

    Guinea hen- Pretty skiddish but gorgeous and would be a good free-ranger. Not sure on gender

    Will make a good deal on all.

    Guinea hen- $10


    Dutch Rooster- Make Offer


    Black Cochin- Make Offer


    Splash Cochin Pullet- Make Offer



    Aseel Rooster- Make offer



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