Central Florida Poultry/Small Animal Swap & Sale April 2nd Ocala


11 Years
Oct 4, 2008
North Central Florida

Here we go again.

Our last swap was a great success. This time we are joining forces with J&J Tack to bring you another great swap. This one will be held at their location at 6625 Hwy 40 West, Ocala, 34482. This is on Hwy 40 west of Ocala just past 60th (Airport Rd). They have a great back parking lot for us all to set up in. Bring your poultry and small animals to sell or swap. Gates will open at 8am for sellers to set up. Gates will open at 9am for buyers. Come out and join in another great day of fun.

Hope to see all of you there.
You know I will be there with cages and maybe some RIR chicks.

Oops, just checked my calendar and won't be able to make this swap.
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Won't be able to make this swap as I have already made a previous commitment.

Posted after I realized I had already posted.
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I'll be coming out and may bring some mystery chickens.. and who knows what else.

Looks like I will need to come after my son's baseball game, but I will be there.
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Good Morning All
This swap is coming together nicely. We have Romeo Wranglers 4-H coming with their great consessions. Mr. Chicken will be there in the morning to great people. We are having a great response from both buyers and sellers. This is a huge area with great exposure in a centralized location. Get those chickies hatching and sort out those birds you can part with. You can also bring other small livestock as well. Bring out your crafts as well. Let's make this a great event.
Here is a list of what we know will be there:

The Pampered Pullets Farm Poultry Supplies, Delaware, New Hampshire Red, Ameracauna and Serama Chicks
Romeo Wranglers 4-H Consessions - Proceeds go to help support the Ronald McDonald House and Childrens Miracle Network
AT Hagan White Leghorn and ISA Brown Started Pullets
Caddy-Corner-Chick 6 RIR or Production RED Roo chicks
Freckle Face Farm Silkie and Black Copper Marans Chicks
El Naked Neck a trio from my year old BLRW blue roo with 2 splash hens, Royal palm tom, splash Blrw chicks, Ancona pairs young
and Light Brahma chicks and what ever else hatches until then
Ra_ I might bring some of my pet Tribbles
JAPJRGIRL21 bringing chicks, Barred Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Black Copper Marans, Jersey Giants(if there are any left), and RIR's
sissong I will have some BB red old English (1 rooster, 4 hens). Also several silver sebrights ages 5 days to 2 in a half weeks. A couple quail, Golden sebright chicks same age as silvers. A white crested black polish rooster and a black frizzle. If I have the room to bring a couple adult sebright pairs, golden and silver
Matt Sebrights, various bantams, a few goats

There are various people that are supposed to be bringing different breeds of rabbits as well as some piglets.

Steven Quail, possibly some turkey chicks
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I will be bringing 6 RIR or Production RED Roo chicks and I have more coming... I will probably just give these away for free to anyone who needs some roosters..
Also my son's baseball game was moved up till 2 pm so I will be out in the morning

Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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