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Central IL delimma, any suggestions from Illinoisian?

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by nitngl, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. nitngl

    nitngl In the Brooder

    Mar 27, 2012
    We live in Riverton/Spaulding IL, in 2012 we got our first flock. At that time we saw no ordinances that stated we could not have chickens & see others in our area that also has them. Last week we had a visit from SPD stating they were here on a complaint that we had "Chickens in the house with children present." After an argument with a family member. At that time we had 2 hens that
    we kept in the house. Due to previous injuries that prevented them from being with the other birds. Yet doesn't hinder their quality of life & lay eggs almost daily. We have since moved them into the garage. However, while they were here, they stated there was a 1996 Ordinance that states no chickens. We are zoned residential as are the other flock keepers (after checking the tax assessor). We also have an egg license through the Dept of AG & are inspected yearly. The original plan was for the flock to keep us in eggs & meat. That changed to eggs only once we named them. We got more eggs than we could eat so we got the license to transport and sell extras. It doesn't pay enough to support the flock but it helps. We haven't sold eggs since July as we were giving them to family. Now they are freezing if we aren't out there in time. We also have a few small flocks of rare breeds that were intended to be used for selling fertilized hatching eggs this summer. AT this point it is still a hobby, as we aren't ready to begin it as a real business. Now we wait for a return "home inspection" & find out what ordinances we supposedly broke & the repercussions of owning poultry. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about keeping my birds? They said that if I registered for a business that they will contact my neighbors for approval. A few have harassed the previous owner and us as well a few of times since moving here. They tried to get us on other ordinance violations that weren't legit prior to the poultry, so I'm doubtful they will cooperate. We do have several roosters that were intended for Freezer Camp or Auction this Spring, since CL ads weren't effective this past Fall. Thank you for any help anyone can offer!
    I also posted this on the Ordinance Forum.............

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